Sugars United through Beneficial Encounters


Join the most hands-on, helpful, here’s-exactly-what-you-should-do 24/7 support group for all things necessary to upgrade your lifestyle.

Let's Sugar Smarter

The SUBE Society is a community PLUS mentorship where Sugars step up their game at every level.

Designed after learning EXACTLY what it takes to thrive in this lifestyle, SUBE facilitates a culture of support that nurtures the growth of each member, wherever they’re at.

When you join, you’ll have the ultimate resource at your fingertips; a network of shared knowledge that provides you with crystal clear answers to any question, crossroad, or challenge in the world of elite dating.

Collaborative Network

Private Forum with 24/7 access where you’ll post questions to eliminate guesswork. Receive implementable advice to ensure your success.

Exclusive Invites to in-person events so you can hang with your fav sisters
in real life.

Mentorship + Guidance

Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions to call in and talk out any issues you might have so you get expert answers in real time.

NEW Trainings every month so you
are always up to date on the
latest tactics

Growth Opportunity

Complimentary profile in Taylor’s Matchbook for elite Sugar Daddy Clientele.

Sugar Daddy Mentorship & Business Opportunities to pitch your business and potentially get funded $$$.

And so much more…

It's Perfect For You

NO MORE blind approach. NO MORE wasted time on dating sites. NO MORE going at it alone! Membership in the SUBE Society empowers you to ask ANY question (seriously, try to shock us, we dare you!).

With The SUBE Society, you’ll be guided forward—Powerfully, as a Sugar in control.

Request Access

The society doors are currently closed (don’t worry—it won’t be long)! Be the first to know when we’re accepting new members. You’ll also receive updates and insights from Taylor and get advice on how to leverage your relationships, so you can upgrade your lifestyle.

In the Sugar world, privacy is our middle name. Your information is secure with us.

Who's behind this sugary goodness?

Taylor B. Jones is a Sugar Baby Success Coach, Dating Alchemist, Author, Matchmaker, and Founder of The Sugar Daddy Formula. She specializes in helping women leverage their relationships to build wealth while creating spaces to connect with each other (without being judged or shamed for lifestyle choices). Understanding the loneliness associated with the Sugar Baby path, Taylor is a true pioneer of community. She engineers opportunities of support, connection and sisterhood so that none of us have to navigate this journey alone.

Love From Our Members

The guidance of Taylor, is worth it

Joining the SUBE Society has been one of the best things I’ve done. The sisterhood is much more than a community of women supporting each other. I have met women in person from it and have formed friendships that I know will last for years to come (we even freestyle together). The encouragement all wrapped together with the guidance of Taylor, is worth it!


I followed Taylor’s advice on getting what I want and it worked

I love the SuBe Society because Taylor is actually a part of it. This isn’t just some group where we’ve been left to fend for ourselves. When you have an issue, Taylor is like Superwoman. It’s like she always finds a way to make a situation work. This group makes me feel safe to ask for help when I need it and I’m not judged for dating the type of men that I want. I feel less lonely and I followed Taylor’s advice on getting what I want and it worked!


The SuBe Society is like a map of how to make this lifestyle work

The SuBe Society is like a map of how to make this lifestyle work. I felt like I’d spent my last year navigating in darkness when it came to elite dating. Taylor breaks everything down and shows you how to use approaches so that it works for you. Getting her advice was like turning on a light and finding my way after being lost.


When you ask for help you get help that you can actually use

This isn’t your average generic watered down advice providing group, nuh-uh. When you ask for help you get help that you can actually use. There’s not a better way to spend less than the cost of getting a blowout for what you’ll get inside the SuBe Society, including invaluable feedback from Taylor herself. Highly recommend!


Member Benefits

Sugar Baby


Hit the Ground Running

Private Forum with 24/7 access where you’ll post questions to eliminate the guesswork by receiving implementable advice to ensure your success.

SUBE Book Club facilitated quarterly by Taylor so you can become an expert on wealth, dating and relationships while your sisters hold you accountable for reaching your goals

Complimentary profile to Taylor’s Elite Sugar Daddy Clientele for Potential Matchmaking.

Exclusive Invites to in-person events so you can hang with your fav sisters in real life.

Sugar Baby


Take it to the Next Level

Includes Sugar Baby Jumpstart.
NEW Trainings every month so you are always up to date on the latest tactics.

Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions to call in and talk out any issues you might have so you get expert answers in real time.

Look Over Taylor's Shoulder and go behind the scenes of how others approached their sugaring with success.

Sugar Daddy Mentorship & Business Opportunities to Pitch your Business and potentially get funded.

Get matched up with an Accountability Partner who is at a similar level to you, and together LEVEL UP! Want a Bestie for support, travel, & networking? Get connected. (PRICELESS).

Sugar Baby


Your SB Success Starts Here

Includes Sugar Baby Accelerator.
Get a Sugar Baby Audit (Find out EXACTLY what's going on & get CLEAR SIMPLE STEPS on how to fix it).

Customized strategy where Taylor strategize a Sugar Daddy blueprint with you to nail down what you REALLY want to achieve that focuses on your goals.

Get personal private access to Taylor as your personal guide to answer ANY questions that hold you back so that you don’t have to guess what your next move should be.

(6) 30 min private one-on-one strategy sessions to get you to the next level from where you are, and we formulate a simple, actionable plan ensuring your success + unlimited direct messaging via the network.

But that’s not all…

SUBE LIFE app for your smartphone so you can find a fellow Sugar Sister by location and:
  • Be each other’s wing-woman, alibi, safety check-in, or even a point of contact in a new location
  • Find the perfect roommate whether she’s part-time, full-time or a temporary guest
  • Swap homes for a week and leverage a new city
  • Grab coffee in-person and make a real life friend living the same lifestyle
  • Invite each other to exclusive places accessible thanks to your generous benefactors
  • Refer elite men to each other that are amazing, just not the right fit for you
  • Travel together and meet elite men outside your area while exploring new places


The SuBe Society is the kind of resource you always wish for, but never expect to find. Whenever I am having a hard time picking myself up after coming across another scammer asking for my bank account info or just simply need to know that I am not alone in the world, I can turn to the network for resources and community, and suddenly everything doesn’t seem chaotic.


Join the SUBE Society!

Your Investment

With tailored plans for every lifestyle, situation and budget, no Sugar Sister is excluded. Membership at The SUBE Society starts at just $6.75 a week (hit the ground running!) and you can tier all the way up to $297 for a total transformation.

Additionally, we often run special trial offers.

Your Guarantee

With the No-Sugar-Baby Left Behind 90-Day Sugar Assistance Insurance, you’re protected! If you show up, ASK questions, implement what we share, and you don’t get better results after 90 days, you can take advantage of a no-charge, one-on-one Sugar Audit Strategy Session with Taylor (Value $297, yours free). 

You might be wondering (FAQs)...

Is the SUBE Society really for me?

If you are a woman interested in dating elite men or currently benefiting from your personal relationships, then this is for you. You must be 18+ years and ready to move forward in the world of beneficial dating and relationships.

Is the SUBE Society only for Newbies?

This is for women at all levels – whether you’re just getting started or have been living the lifestyle for a while, there’s plenty of support for you inside. The SUBE Society is about simplifying process, navigating challenge, and getting RESULTS.

I’m all about being discrete. Do I have to use my real name? How will the charges appear on my credit card?

Discretion is a priority for me as well! You will be identified by a username inside the community and your sisters will only have access to the information you choose to share. Purchase details on your credit card will be noted as R&D Global, Inc. Your information will never be shared with a third party as stated in the privacy notice.

I’m still looking for an elite man. Will you make a match for me?

The SUBE Society is all about helping you help yourself. However, members are added to my Matchbook and if you match with one of my Elite Clientele, I’ll make an introduction

I always find helpful advice to get me pointed in the right direction

The SuBe Society is a space overflowing with constant support. When I’m feeling like I have no options or get stuck in my own way, I always find helpful advice to get me pointed in the right direction.


These women are more my friends than some of my real life friends

Where else can you find a group of nonjudgmental women, who are in it together, upgrading their lifestyles and there to support one another without all the BS of people judging you? These women are more my friends than some of my real life friends as they get the real me that I don’t have to hide!


The SuBe Society is the only place I felt welcomed and had actual support that helped

I’ve stalked other women on Instagram and Tumblr. Instagram kind of felt like you have to belong to a certain clique to be accepted. The SuBe Society is the only place I felt welcomed and had actual support that helped. You don’t have women flaunting what they received. I love the fact that when you share a win you have to breakdown the approach on how you went about it.


I’ve made lasting connections

Whenever I have a question, I take it to my sisters. I am continually blown away by the generosity of Taylor! I always come away with great feedback and resources to dig deeper. I’ve made lasting connections here, too.


It has really helped me to come out of my shell

Even though I’ve never met a lot of the women in the SuBe Society in real life, I really admire and appreciate all of my sisters. I’m so grateful for this group and Taylor’s participation and helpfulness. It has really helped me to come out of my shell more and be braver in owning what I want and the courage to go after it.